How much CO₂ our ROLA customers have saved since 1st January 2020

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Every ROLA transport increases the amount of CO2 that has been saved in the Live Ticker.

ROLA customers can also find out how much CO2 they have saved on a quarterly basis.

How much CO2 does your transport save


Safe with ROLA

When trucks are travelling piggybacked on the Rolling Road (ROLA), keeping the roads clear and thus protecting the environment, some safety regulations need to be taken into consideration.

We are going to show you what these are in a short video in which we have summarised the individual procedures and steps in a straightforward way.

So that everything runs smoothly - for our customers and for us.

Eco-friendly on track

In 2019, the Rail Cargo Group has contributed essentially to a clean environment by transporting 151,274 trucks by rail with the ROLA - Rolling Road.