A journey on the Rolling Road (ROLA) does not simply allow companies, dispatchers and lorry drivers to enjoy various advantages; it also significantly helps to protect the environment.

The Rolling Road is a rail-mounted transport system for lorries. Trucks and semitrailers can travel certain sections of their route across Europe by rail, thus combining road and rail transport.

The lorries are loaded at our terminals and transported by piggyback on special low-floor wagons. While the drivers enjoy the on-board food and drinks service in the accompanying vehicles, their lorries keep clocking up the kilometres on the environmentally friendly option of rail. Thanks to this accompanied, combined (intermodal) transport, HGV have lighter transit routes, their emissions are significantly reduced and the environment can breathe more easily.

Advantages for you

  • Cost saving

    Fuel consumption and operating kilometres are reduced
    Various tolls and special tolls are saved
    Turnover and productivity are increased

  • Time saving

    Traffic jams are avoided
    Lorries can be used despite travel restrictions at weekends, during holidays, overnight and other driving restrictions

  • Safety on-board the train

    ROLA journeys are considered statutory rest periods
    Our trains meet high safety standards

  • Environmental protection

    Noise pollution and CO2 emissions are reduced; positive health considerations

  • Positive image

    Your company’s eco-profile is improved (CO2 savings)

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